Frac Pump & Well Stimulation Equipment, Sales, & Service

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J-Mac Tool, Inc is a manufacturer providing products and machining services focused on well stimulation and flow control for the oil and gas industry.

Fluid End Repair

J-Mac Tool, Inc. offers a full line of fluid end manufacturing, repairing, and inspecting services that encompasses all aspects of the oil and gas industry. From acidizing and cementing, to high output hydraulic fracturing, we have the capability to meet the customers specific needs. 
J-Mac also provides quick turnaround on fluid end repairs so customers can get their Frac equipment back on line fast. J-Mac has an outstanding reputation for repairing fluid ends for it’s customers & has saved its customers large amounts of time & money by targeting the critical areas of repair, conserving costs, & eliminating the need for replacement of costly fluid ends.
Through our state-of-the-art equipment , professional staff, and reputation for quality J-Mac will ensure all of your fluid end needs are met.