Frac Pump & Well Stimulation Equipment, Sales, & Service

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J-Mac Tool, Inc is a manufacturer providing products and machining services focused on well stimulation and flow control for the oil and gas industry.

J-Mac is one of the leaders in well service pumps and fluid end design. At J-Mac we produce our own superior line of pumps and fluid ends, as well as pump and fluid end repair most brands of service equipment. Our equipment is designed for quick removal and replacement of parts. We also offer a full line of expendable parts such as valves, seats, packing, plungers, seals, etc...

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Specializing In: Pumps for well service applications including frac and stimulation for the oil field and natural gas industries. J-Mac also has the capabilities to test not only our own pumps to ensure the highest quality product, but will also test your hydraulic fracturing pumps, and has on-site pump mechanics to replace, repair, or service any part or problem that may occur.